Inventory Management


Go From Google Sheets to the Cloud

We have taken feedback from the 1000’s of schools that currently use our software to create our biggest update yet!  V2 is a complete reimagination of what our inventory management platform for schools can do.  Our V2 refresh goes live in December, so make sure to join our list to be among the first schools to try it.


Our MileRiver software is 100% free.  No ads, no freemium.

Increased Visibility

Cost Reduction

Right-Size Software

Inventory Everything

Track Maintenance Renewals

Advanced Reporting

Asset Value

Simplify Technology Buyback

Completely Free

Join our V2 list to receive updates and be among the first schools to begin using.

Our V2 software is 100% free.  No ads, no freemium.


What IT Leaders are Saying

We’ve finally moved from managing our inventory on spreadsheets to analyzing it in the cloud.

Network Manager

Classform has made it much easier to find the information we need, when we need it.

Technology Director


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