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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.  Do you still have more questions?  Please email us and our team will get right back to you.

Do we receive money?

Yes!  We pay a fair market value for each working device.  Our Repurpose Proposal will provide you with the value of each device, along with the amount of e-waste you are eliminating. 

Repurpose vs. Recycle

By repurposing a device, schools can feel good about where their devices are going, and receive a significant amount of money back.  We will also plant one tree for every iPad or Chromebook through our partnership with

What about data security?

This is the most important question that we receive.  Over 30% of the devices that we receive from schools have student or faculty data on them.  We ensure all sensitive student data is completely and properly removed from every single iPad or Chromebook that we receive.

Why Classform?

Our mission is repurpose the technology no longer being used in schools.  We manage the entire life-cycle of each repurposed device, from working with the school, to placing it with a new owner through our national retail partners.  We ensure devices are repurposed locally and not sent to landfills overseas.

Repurposing Education Technology