We’ll buy your old devices so you can buy new ones, initiative. 

Classform is a leader in buying back surplus technology from K-12 schools.  Our technology buyback initiative is designed to ensure your school recoups the most money for your iPads, Chromebooks and other classroom devices.

Classform Approach


Classform Logistics

Classform covers all costs associated with shipping.  Our logistics team comes to your school to box up your devices so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Maximum Value

We have partnerships established with every major retail platform, allowing us to provide more back to every school we work with.

Data Destruction

30% of the devices we receive still have student data on them.  Our Data Destruction Process guarantees all data is removed and no longer at risk of ending up in the wrong hands.  

Education Company

Classform is 100% K-12 focused.  We have a deep understanding of education budgets and how to maximize money back.

Funding Projects

Receive a check back or apply your buyback payment towards a new project.  Classform is partnered with several education technology companies enabling us to pay them directly.

State Requirements

Does your state have specific requirements when it comes to surplus technology? We can help too.

Exceeding Your Best Offer

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