Quickly and easily recoup money for iPads and Chromebooks.

An Education Company

Whether you’re selling 10 or 10,000 devices, it’s important to work with a company that understand your needs.  We are the only company that exclusively works with K-12 schools to provide technology buyback services.


30% of the devices that we receive from schools have student or faculty data on them.  We ensure all sensitive student data is completely and properly removed from every single device that we receive.

Innovation Credit

Classform is an EdTech company, and that’s why we make it easy for schools innovate.  Through our mobile technology buyback program, schools can use a some or all of their buyback credit to fund STEM initiatives though our partnerships. This is a great way to expand on a current program or start a new one.  You can also just take a check back in-full.

Go From Surplus to STEM