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We have taken feedback from the 1000’s of schools that currently use our software to create our biggest update yet!  V2 is a complete reimagination of what our inventory management platform for schools can do.  Our V2 refresh goes live in December, so make sure to join our list to be among the first schools to try it.


Our V2 software is 100% free.  No ads, no freemium.

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We are a customer-driven education technology company empowering today’s schools to conquer tomorrow.

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Simplifying iPad and Chromebook Buyback

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Classform is a leader in buying back surplus technology from K-12 schools.  Our technology buyback initiative is designed to ensure your school recoups the most money for your iPads, Chromebooks and other classroom devices.

We wipe each devices to strict, certitifed standards.

Unrecoverable Data Destruction

Certified wiping standards

Free school packing and pickup

Receive a check or credit towards a project

The industries best value

We Create Fully Connected Schools So You Can Focus On Teaching

Create innovative and inspiring classrooms with help from Classform.

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