Create an Innovative and Collaborative Learning Environment

Future-Ready Classroom

Classform has a single mission in mind: to promote STEM Initiatives that help advance learning in K-12 schools. Through services, the Learn Share Leaders Community and our STEM partnerships, we work to ensure that schools have access to the resources necessary to continue sparking creativity in their classroom. Our Innovation Team meets individual schools where they are, creating custom, student-centered solutions, designed to prepare for the future.


When it comes to planning, implementing and evolving a STEM program, it’s important to have access to resources and knowledge experts.  Our Innovation Team will work closely with your school, at every stage of your initiative, to ensure its success in the classroom.


Learn Share Leaders are a community of STEM educators who collaborate and share their knowledge and experiences with other educators.

Additional Education Services


Classform provides an education technology platform that allows schools to manage hardware assets and right-size licensing.  Our free platform enables school districts to have what they need right when they need it.


Our education-centered team will manage the entire process, from logistics, on-site device packing, and secure student-data device wiping, our innovation-focused technology buyback program is the solution for K-12 schools.

What Schools Think of Classform

STEM in our classroom

Classform helped us create our first STEM program

Surplus to Innovation

We turned old Chromebooks into a Makerspace

No more spreadsheets

We’ve finally moved from managing our inventory on spreadsheets to analyzing it in the cloud

Your STEM Program

Classform makes it easier to integrate new technology in the classroom